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About Tentoo

What do we value here at TENTOO? Find out more about us.

What is TENTOO?

Tentoo was founded more than 20 years ago and now offers all-in HR solutions in almost all sectors. Our goal? To make freelancing as easy as possible.

Why choose Tentoo?

Tentoo offers high-quality services provided by motivated and reliable employees. We believe in an open culture where people work together to better understand themselves and others. We know that if our employees are happy then we can serve our customers and stakeholders in the best possible way.

Our mission

Tentoo is committed to reducing the obstacles associated with flexible employment in the current labour market. We do this by employing both employees and self-employed individuals under the same remuneration concept. Tentoo strives to create sustainable partnerships with all its customers. We believe in a highly personalized, proactive approach where active listening and understanding are key. Tentoo stands for continuous technological and organizational innovation to ensure that we remain a leading player in the freelance market. And our strong moral and social values support the above objectives.  

Our app is now available online

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