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Freelance without self-employed status

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It’s easy to freelance through Tentoo.

With more than 20 years of experience in the payroll sector, we know perfectly how we can help you. Give entrepreneurship a try without the administrative hassle. Get started as a real freelancer with the benefits of the employee status.

Easy and fast thanks to our user-friendly online tool.



Payrolling is the ideal solution for every freelancer. It allows you to give entrepreneurship a try while taking the individual assignments you want. With the advantages of being self-employed and the certainty of the employee status you get the best of both worlds. Easily enter your assignments and access all your social documents, such as payslips and the like, over the My Tentoo online platform. Look for your own customers, set your rate and start your freelance career!

Social Agency for Artists – Tentoo Art

Are you an artist, a performer or an employee in the creative sector? Leave your complex payroll administration to Tentoo Art, Tentoo’s Social Agency for Artists (SAA). You don’t have to become self-employed, but you do enjoy the freedom to choose your clients and negotiate the price and content of your assignment. We take care of the rest: from contracts and invoices to your occupational accident insurance, holiday pay, social security contribution, etc. We also offer personalised advice on the status of artists, unemployment, copyright and other administrative matters. All you need to do is let your creativity run free.

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Why choose Tentoo?

My Tentoo at your pace

You decide when you work and how much you earn. You only pay a contribution if you actually invoice an assignment through us.

Take control of your career

Don’t wait and create your demo account to give entrepreneurship a try right away! Everything is done through our online platform.

Guaranteed payment

With Tentoo your salary is guaranteed to be paid within 7 days. In addition, you get a complete overview of your payments and you have 24/7 access to your documents such as payslips, etc. Tentoo’s commission is simple and transparent: we work on the basis of a coefficient that is charged on each submitted invoice. There are no entry fees or fixed costs. As long as you don’t get any jobs, you don’t need to pay anything either.

Personal coaching

With Tentoo you can count on personal coaching. We have two permanent offices, one in Zaventem and the other in Antwerp, where you can meet us to discuss your file. Or feel free to make an appointment in one of our coworking spaces. We are there to help.

Do you already have a self-employed status?

How to start with Tentoo?

Arrange your freelance assignments easily online from now on.

Create your demo account

Complete your registration

Choose your client

Create the contract

After approval? Payment of your salary within 7 days.

We are happy to welcome you

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Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Discover it at one of our many events.

Tentoo freelance telephone

How-to-Tentoo webinar: freelancing with or without self-employment status

20 July 2022 | 15:30 17:00
online webinar

Always wanted to freelance but no idea where to start? Say no more, we have the solution for you! Tentoo is YOUR partner for freelance work with or without self-employment status. We help you to work flexibly, by taking care of your administration and payment. The only thing you have to worry about is your […]

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