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What is payrolling?

We explain it to you!

Whether you are an employee or an employer, payrolling is an easy and flexible solution for all your short-term or temporary employment relationships. Tentoo takes care of the remuneration of the temporary employees and assumes the client’s obligations and risks. While employees receive their salary payment within 7 days, the client only has to settle an invoice with Tentoo.


Advantages for clients

  • Tentoo acts as the employer from a legal perspective for all your temporary employees.
  • Tentoo relieves you from the risks attached to social legislation.
  • Tentoo fully insures your employees against occupational accidents.
  • Tentoo takes care of all payroll administration for you.
  • Tentoo keeps you informed of relevant changes in legislation.
  • Tentoo provides you with social-legal advice.
  • Tentoo minimises paperwork since everything can be arranged electronically over the My Tentoo platform or the My Tentoo app.
  • You have a dedicated contact person at Tentoo.

Yes, I want to register for payrolling!

Advantages for employees

  • You can work as flexibly as a self-employed individual without having to register as self-employed.
  • You enjoy full social protection (paid sick days, disability, family benefits, paid holidays, brief leave of absence, etc.).
  • You also accrue rights in the unemployment and pension system.
  • Your salary is paid out swiftly and is guaranteed.
  • You have one employer and one central social file.
  • Your administrative burden is minimised.
  • My Tentoo gives you a personal database with access to social documents, job sheets, etc.