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Social Agency for Artists

Are you a creative mastermind? Do you work as a visual, performing or other artist, or as a freelancer? Maybe you have a degree in arts or you’ve been working in the artistic sector for years, but you’re not ready to be fully self-employed. What you need is a strong backup to support you. Someone who is familiar with your artistic activities and takes care of the invoicing work behind the scenes, so your admin is always up to date. The Tentoo Art team consists of consultants with experience in the temporary employment sector, as well as in the cultural and creative sectors.

For artists and artistic freelancers

The Tentoo Art team is composed of consultants who are experienced in both the conventional temporary employment sector and the creative and cultural sectors. As a recognised Social Agency for Artists (SAA), we offer extensive support to clients, artists and employees.

In practice, this means that we draw up freelance employment contracts, allowing you to enjoy all the social protection of an employee while retaining the freedom of a self-employed individual. In addition, we ensure that you can access all your social documents on a single central platform and we advise you on the business organisation in the cultural sector.

If you are a performer or a visual artist, feel free to ask us questions on the ‘artist status’ and we can use price simulations to help you handle negotiations with your client.

Our extra strengths

Build up to your ‘artist status’

Not having fixed hours is part and parcel of being a professional artist or freelancer. As an employee-artist, you are entitled to an unemployment allowance when you are in-between assignments. Whether you are saving towards your ‘artist status’ and/or working on a ‘cachet’ basis, we monitor your file with great care based on your goal and support you in completing and submitting your file to the trade union or help fund.

Once you’ve been granted this allowance, you can also refuse jobs at the VDAB if they are not in line with your artistic practice. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to get more advice on unemployment and the ‘artist status’.

Extensive personal advice

It’s quite normal to get lost in the maze of laws and regulations in this sector!

Not to mention the internet which contains a wealth of information about the business organisation within the arts. In addition, your projects rarely fit neatly in a box and you usually work for various clients you later invoice.

What if you can’t make sense of the laws and regulations applicable in the creative sector? We provide you with advice on price negotiations, the various fees, subsidies, unemployment benefits, the ‘artist status’, copyright and other commercial and artistic matters.

Screen Flanders

If you receive support for making an audiovisual work through Screen Flanders, this means that you are creating a feature-long fiction, documentary or animation film or series and that you meet the further conditions.

Not all expenses are eligible, and there are also a number of prerequisites. One of those conditions is that your expenses are invoiced by a VAT-registered company that has its head office and operational operating headquarters in the Flemish Region; a prerequisite met by Tentoo Art! You can therefore be 100% sure that our advice, calculations and invoices comply with current regulations.

Copyright and related rights

Tentoo Art is the only Social Agency for Artists in Belgium to be specifically authorised by the Belgian legislator for the processing of copyright and related rights. This is not unimportant, since you wouldn’t want income from copyright, for example, to be considered as wages or to have to make a declaration.

Tentoo Art can also prepare a format for you for the use of a license agreement.

Employment abroad

Planning artistic projects abroad? Discuss your specific situation with one of our ART consultants and look for the best approach together. You can also count on the necessary insurance policies.

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