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Hi There,

You may not know it but, you are one of the reasons people find their way to us. This just by dropping our name or naming the benefits of working with Tentoo. Because you have done so much for us, we want to do something for you!

Therefore today we are launching ‘Tentoo Friends’. Each time you send someone our way and he/she works via Tentoo, you get a voucher of €30 at Kadonation.

Doesn’t that sound like music to your ears?

The rules:

The referral has to work at least 10 days within 6 months. This period starts as soon as you fill in the file with your contact information.

The referral has to be notified by you about this.

The sky’s the limit for the number of referrals.

You have to agree to the general conditions.

Fill in this form 😉

What does your friend need to do?

He/she is responsible for creating their account on MyTentoo. You cannot do that for them. Also, filling in the form is not enough.

He/she is responsible for the necessary worked days.

If you have any questions, call us 😉